Blue Ridge Hemp - Aromatherapy Roll-Ons

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Blue Ridge Hemp Co.

CBD Infused Roll-On Essential Oil Blend

Size: 10 ml roll-on bottle

Strength: 50 mg of CBD


  • Calm & Relax: Use on back of neck, temples and feet. Designed to calm tensions, ease the spirit, promote relaxation, help achieve a peace and restful sleep.

  • Headache & Stress: use on temples, forehead and back of neck. Designed to relieve headaches, stress and promote a sense of well-being, harmony and peace.

  • Breathe Easy & Concentrate: Use on chest and throat. Designed to promote healthy respiratory system function and deep breathing, improve mental alertness and concentration.

  • Muscle Care: Apply directly to areas of discomfort. Designed to help and relieve muscle pain, soreness, spasms and inflammation.

  • Joint Care: Apply directly to areas of discomfort. Designed to relieve joint pain and inflammation.

Made in Asheville, North Carolina, USA

** Blue Ridge Hemp has made slight changes to their product labels. You may receive a product with a different label than pictured.