Krypted E-Liquid with Terpenes (250 mg, 500 mg)

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Krypted E-Liquid with Terpenes

Size: 30 ml bottle


     250 mg CBD

     500 mg CBD

Natural plant terpenes mimic the taste of classic Cannabis strains.

Highest quality, solvent-free, THC-free, nicotine-free.

70 VG / 30 PG with natural terpenes and CBD isolate. Formulated like any standard vape liquid.


Terpene Flavor Profiles:

Sour Diesel:

  • Sativa-style Cannabis profile
  • Uplifting and energizing solution for stress and anxiety.
  • Lemon aroma with notes of lime and spice.

OG Kush:

  • Hybrid-style Cannabis profile
  • Mood enhancing, uplifting and relaxing.
  • Earthy pine and sour lemon aroma.

Blue Dream:

  • Hybrid-style Cannabis profile
  • Promotes relaxation, focus and mental calm.
  • Slightly sweet with notes of flavorful berries.

Purple Haze:

  • Sativa-style Cannabis profile
  • Mental alertness and stimulation for focus and creativity.
  • Flowery aroma with light notes of berry and spice.

Lemon Tangie:

  • Hybrid-style profile
  • Uplifting. Promotes calming thoughts and positive vibes.
  • Strong lemon citrus flavor with a soft woodsy undertone.