My CBD Remedies - Organic Terpene Flavored Isolates

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Size: 1 gram

Strength: 1000 mg

Pure organic CBD isolate crystals with organic plant terpenes (for flavor)

Terpene Flavors:

     Blueberry: Hybrid-style Cannabis profile. Relaxing and mood enhancing.

     Pineapple Express: Hybrid-style Cannabis profile. Uplifting and mood enhancing.

     Strawberry Cough: Sativa-style Cannabis profile. Uplifting and energizing.

     Apple Jack: Hybrid-style Cannabis profile. Uplifting, energizing, happy.

Can be used like any concentrate.

THC-free, solvent-free. No artificial flavors or colors.

Isolate crystals come in folded wax paper, so a free food-grade silicone container is included with purchase.